Trans Global Projects
Publicity for a very good cause

Publicity for a very good cause

Traditionally, news from the logistics sector has lacked mass appeal. Overly rational communication – combined with boatloads of industry jargon – have even led to many media outlets and consumers overlooking it altogether. To move Trans Global Projects (TGP) out from the lower decks into the limelight, we took a freshly squeezed approach: pure, purposeful, powerfully human storytelling. Now doesn’t that sound refreshing?

As a global project logistics management provider, TGP had many stories to tell. The challenge here was to pinpoint which pieces would best resonate – and tell them in a way that flipped all the right switches for editors. That’s where we stepped in.

Our story “Pink Modules for the Red Continent” worked to distinctly humanise TGP, featuring one of the company’s most unique shipments: 60,000 tonnes of all-pink cargo designed to support breast cancer awareness in Australia. This piece showed off the positive impact of international logistics, beyond the exchange of goods. And with eye-popping visuals, the story pulled on the heartstrings of industry experts and the general public alike.

A multimedia strategy

In addition to tactically targeting journalists with a press release, we produced video and photo material to share in a social media campaign as well as SEO-optimised content for the corporate website.

The pink modules were a hit: gaining coverage in leading trade publications, accumulating well over 10,000 organic impressions on social media and receiving positive feedback all across the board.