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We are a potpourri of different voices, cultures and skills. And that’s our greatest strength. Here, everyone finds their place and can unfold and develop individually. We bring together consultants, copywriters, designers, programmers and strategists to pave the way to effective communications and make Ancora a family.


We empower

We strive to maintain a relentlessly resourceful start-up spirit. And this extends to how we work, both individually and as a team. We empower every member to make decisions – and make mistakes. No micro-managing included. Our responsibility isn’t to manage talent; it’s to develop talent.

We work fast

We’re really not big on bureaucracy. On the contrary: We believe complicated processes kill creativity. And yes, we’ll admit: This attitude does invite in a little bit of chaos at times. But we embrace it. A little bit of chaos forces us to be innovative and stay on our toes. And it keeps us fast and focused.

We play nice

No hierarchies. No internal politics. We know our team is dependent on every one of its diverse members. This is what makes us strong. We understand that each person brings their own perspectives and strengths to the table, so we demand each voice receives the respect it deserves.

be well and thrive

When you join Ancora, you join a family. And we take care of each other. Our benefits reflect our inclusive culture and are extended to every member of our team.

Work remotely – be connected

We believe work is something you do, not a place you go. This is why we give our team the freedom to work from where they work best. Because we know staying connected doesn’t depend on location.

Trek towards prosperity

We support you in achieving your goals. Our small team size enables you to test drive different roles and take on responsibilities. And our regular assessments make sure you get rewarded for all that success.

Grow your knowledge

To us, learning and development isn’t a box you tick. It’s a welcome part of the job. We encourage you to grow through stretch assignments, new challenges and knowledge sharing. And we’re always here to support.

Find your groove

Clock on, clock off isn’t our style. We want you to come to work with a spring in your step and a passion for what you do. We give you flexibility in creating your schedule, making sure your creativity aligns with your work rhythm.

Give back

Here, passion for business goes hand in hand with compassion for others. We all have the ability to make a difference in our communities. We offer incentives like non-profit donation matches and paid volunteer time off.

Unplug and unwind

We know that self-care is essential to self-development. That’s why we offer generous time-off and holidays. Here, we make sure that work-life integration is not just lip service but at the heart of our business model.

with us

There are no open positions at this stage.

However, if you’re convinced you would complement our team, please feel free to send us your qualified application. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!



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